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MIG Introduction

The objective of MIG is to meet with Israeli entrepreneurs in a social setting towards potential investment or advisory roles by the individuals of the group. The group has a broad knowledge base within the Life Sciences Industry.

The group is composed of senior level executives from the healthcare industry including retired and current executives of pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, investment research and banking, the heads of market research and strategic advisory firms, the head of a major hospital and practicing physicians.

Membership in MIG is limited to about 30 people with referrals by existing members being made regarding individuals with the requirement that a prospective member has significant and recognized expertise in a healthcare sector, long-standing experience at a CEO/CFO or similar senior management level and is willing to devote time to the group. Occasionally fund managers are invited.

The objective of the group is to help Israeli entrepreneurs and companies with advice, direction, contacts etc. There is no charge for this nor is there any obligation whatsoever. Upon occasion relationships develop individually and the first company was formed with MIG members and an entrepreneur where a major fund co-invested with us.

The process to meet with MIG is very straightforward--a request is made by the entrepreneur or company and if appropriate the venture is scheduled for a roughly 2-3 hour session. This is done once a month. The setting is fairly informal in Mendham NJ and involves a presentation with a usually active interchange of ideas and thoughts and advice. We usually collect requests for presentation until one month before the meeting date. We then make a decision of which company to invite.

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How it All Began

Ido Zairi

Mr. Zairi previously held hands on, management, and executive roles in the financial industry. After many years of working on Wall Street Mr. Zairi moved into private investing and venture capital. With a strong desire to bring together the start-up culture of Israeli and the vast opportunity for business in the United States, Mr. Zairi founded the Mendham Investment Group with family and colleagues.

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If you are an Israeli startup company looking for investment or an investor looking to partner with innovative professionals please contact Ido Zairi at

Mendham, NJ, USA

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